Living with one or more people in a college dorm is a big unpredictable adjustment. It can seem daunting and scary to jump into college and live with a stranger. But don’t fear, you will be closer than ever with your new roomie, and the memories you make will be more than worth it.

Number 1: Keep an Open Mind!

Don’t quit on your roomie relationship right away if you don’t immediately click. Starting college is stressful and weird for everybody, and the first introductions and icebreakers are so cringey. Even if you don’t completely hit it off right away or find a ton in common there is still hope. Make time to go do homework together and grab a meal, even if you dread one-on-one time. It’ll be worth it in the end to spend quality time.

Group of three students studying reading notes sitting on the grass in a park

Number 2: Nap Time

Work out your alarms as soon as you can. Map out what both of you have planned out on a weekly basis. Coordinate or talk about your alarms and when each of you will wake up, so you can be prepared in the morning! Having these conversations help to match up time to rest, or work with your schedules to have some alone time. You don’t have to always be stuck in your room with your roommate! (If you are, you might need to have another conversation LOL.) Don’t be afraid to ask for some quiet time.

Number 3: Disinfect!

Getting sick is most times a given in college. Especially if you go to school in a super seasonal state, expect to be around some sick people. As much of a bummer as it is, being conscious of sickness around you is a big thing I wish I’d known. If you or your roomie gets sick, disinfect the room! Open windows and get in fresh air, utilize your student health center, and wash your hands!

Number 4: The Talk

Having the hook-up talk is a biggie. You or your roomie might need to spend a few hours or maybe an evening elsewhere when the time is right. It’ll happen, so have the talk ASAP. No need to make it a big deal, but you definitely don’t want to run into conflict the night of. Lighten up the conversation with a few jokes and it’ll be a breeze. 😉

Number 5: Address Your Issues

The most important thing about living with a roommate is to call out problems when you have them. Avoiding the issue is never the right way to go about things, as the problem will either stay the same or get worse. If there’s a stanky smell, lots of leftover laundry, or too loud of music, just say something! Get past the awkwardness and go for it, you’ll feel a lot better with some chill problem solving.