Freshman panic arises when you start to think about what clothes you need for college. Everyone is going to college in all different places around the world, with all different kinds of weather, and it can get messy. Trying to figure out what you actually need, and what you don’t need for college clothes, is honestly something you won’t really know until you get there. But I’ll give you five items you definitely need for your college wardrobe.

1: Raincoat

Raincoats are key!!! There’s rain pretty much everywhere, so you can’t go wrong bringing one. Even if it’s a windy day, most raincoats will break the wind. Walking to class early in the morning during a rainstorm with no raincoat could be one of the worst things ever. It is a perfect lighter layer for the rain, and you can’t go wrong bringing one. You’ll wish you had one if you don’t.

2: Professional Outfit

Make sure you bring along one full professional outfit to college. For interviews, a fancy dinner, or a presentation, a formal, put-together outfit will make your life so much easier. You need to have one good outfit for you and your body type. Borrowing and going on a wild goose chase for an outfit if you have an interview the next day will just cause so much more stress.

3: Going Out Jacket

A leather, bomber, or jean jacket is a perfect outer layer for when you go out. One of them is definitely an essential. You can dress it up or dress it down, and it is always nice to have a jacket at night. Pick your favorite, and bring it along for your dinner into drinks jacket.

4: Boots!!!

Whatever kind of boot you bring, you’ll be thanking me later. Hunter rain boots, or even a pair of nice suede high boots will jazz up any outfit. They’re perfect for fall, and will be warmer on your feet instead of sneakers when it’s cold out. You can always grab a cheaper pair to wear in yuckier weather, they’ll be a huge help.

5: Slippers

Walking around the dorm in the morning definitely requires some slippers. Even if you have to run outside to grab something, or shimmy over to the dining hall, tossing on some fuzzy slip on shoes is perfect. Your friends will be jealous you snagged a pair. Get some cute pink ones or ones with a message on them, don’t be afraid to make them fun!