When studying in a dorm room, a college student deals with a lot of temptations. Getting into bed and watching Netflix, scrolling through your phone, or just up and leaving to go hang with friends are all major distractions for the average academic adult. A library or a quiet study space is often a good idea, but at college sometimes they’re overrun by too many people and noise. So when academic buildings don’t work out, a productive dorm room can be the key to getting your work done well on time.

Important ways to get a running start on your work is to disconnect. Phones and other electronic distractions can be the worst for getting work done. Get into the habit of putting your phone away from you before doing homework in the dorm. Make a “phone box,” and keep it on your dresser or side table. Designate a place to lock your phone away while you work. Put your devices on “airplane mode,” or turn them all the way off so you don’t tempt yourself by hearing notification sounds.

If you don’t feel like sitting on the ground or prefer to study away from a desk, there is a perfect product that will bring a desk with you! A cushioned “lap desk” is a great way to move around your room a little bit. It allows you to bring a desk space with you, but you could sit on your bed or on the couch. They usually come with organizational elements for pens and plugs as well. If you prefer to work at a desk, keeping a tidy workspace is extremely important. Utilizing your drawers is the best way to keep clutter off your desk. Drawer organizers are the best product for this. Keeping designated spaces for all your study materials relieves so much unneeded college stress.

Investing in a “happy light” as well will create a much happier and motivational work atmosphere. These lamps are used for seasonal affective disorder, and they warm up a room right away. They simulate natural sunlight, and make you feel like you’re outside in sunshine instead of grinding away at homework. It triggers serotonin, which will help you to keep up good vibes even while doing homework.