Figuring out how to organize your dorm closet is usually a baffling experience. Especially
as an incoming freshman, no one really knows how much clothing will fit inside a small dorm
wardrobe. Sometimes, there is just not enough space to have everything in one dorm closet.

Have no fear! The best tips and tricks are up ahead.

For inside your closet, hang up as much as you can! This will give you much more
space, as folding clothes or putting it in drawers is bulky and takes up much more space. Come
prepared with lots of hangers, and take advantage of any open hanging space available. Once
you’ve used up as much hanging space as possible, move onto folding. Make sure you
implement some kind of system of your preference, whether it be by color or article of clothing.

Hold off on jeans, bulky jackets, and other seasonal clothes that you won’t need for a bit. Those
can be moved out of the closet into extra storage space for later.

There are some awesome items to invest in for your closet and maximizing space, while
encouraging a tidy wardrobe. Shoe racks, hanging dividers for accessories, or drawer
organizers are perfect products for keeping your clothing and storage space together and
accessible. Another key product to make your life easier ties back to the excess or seasonal
clothing. Vacuum seal bags are the best for when you’re not using clothes. You can keep them
under your bed, or in another part of the dorm that doesn’t have to be for clothes.

Accessories can completely change the vibe of a dresser space. If jewelry and bags are
strewn and tangled all over the room, it gives off a very unorganized impression, and makes it
much harder to find an accessory you may need. Hanging your scarves off your bed, having a
jewelry wall hanger, or purchasing some plastic drawers can really free up your dresser and
table space.

A secret trick and rule of thumb for optimizing dorm storage is to utilize all the vertical
space you can! This applies to hanging up as much as you can in your closet, finding some wall
organizers for jewelry, but also to the bed space! Bed risers are a college kid’s best friend. They
come with power outlets in them, easily installed, and rise your bed up to give you a whole new
area of storage under your bed. This opens up a ton more storage for any other belongings, or a
mini fridge or extra drawers. Get creative and go vertical!