This month: Halloween

If you’re missing the comforts of home around the holidays, you’re not alone! Whatever holidays you celebrate, we’ve got tips to help you make your dorm room feel festive! First up – Halloween! Be on the lookout for our next holiday tips article!

1. If you want to make your room feel spooky, grab some of that good ole spider web and hang around the outside of your dorm room’s door!

2. No candles? No problem. Give your room a warm holiday scent without breaking any dorm rules! Try this pumpkin spice scent diffuser!

3. Make your room feel like its own trick or treat by stocking your desk with a candy bowl! Visitors won’t complain when they get to walk off with a handful of candy!

4. Dorms don’t come with a lot of free floor space for decorations – but don’t fear! Change up your classic string lights for this Halloween set or deck out your window with these throw-back decals!

Halloween string of lights

Halloween String of Lights

Halloween BOO Window Gel Clings – Hyde and Eek! Boutique™

5. For those days when getting out of your dorm just seems to be too much, keep a good Halloween game in your back pocket (or underneath your bed!). Try this Halloween game!

Stack the Bones