Your bed is usually going to be the center focus of your dorm room. Having a bland bed can ruin the whole aesthetic of a room. Even disregarding the fact that it’s a centerpiece of the room, who wants an uncomfortable and ugly bed? There are awesome ways to accent your bed so you can make it an inviting bed to get cozy in, and totally improve how your room looks.

The best way to make your bed’s theme come together is to create a color scheme. Even going to a hardware store and flipping through paint color samples can help you get inspired. Usually you can find some complimentary colors and go from there. Take pictures of your favorite combinations on your phone, and then when you’re shopping for linens, you can refer to your preferred colors. It’s great to keep this theme in mind as it will bring your entire room together if you stick to the color scheme.

After you’ve chosen some linens, congrats, you’ve finished the hardest part! Now onto accessorizing! Throw pillows are perfect for adding some fun into your bed’s theme! Fuzzy alpacas, pillows with inspirational phrases, or even order custom pillow cases with photos on them! There are awesome sites online, like, that allow you to create your own custom pillows. You can work with patterns and text, and even add pictures to remind you of friends or a favorite vacation.

If your dorm room space permits it, a headboard can completely play up your bed and room. A headboard can make a cot in a dorm seem like a hotel room or a bed in a home. It formalizes the room a bit more, and is another element that can make your room feel more like a home. You can choose to have a headboard with more pattern and color if your linens are more simple, or a plain headboard can be jazzed up by hanging non-flammable string lights off the top.

A more practical accent to your bed is implementing some organizers. There are organizers that can hang off the side of your bed, or even some that are attachable to bedside tables. They don’t have to look like a plastic bag hanging off the side of your bed, there are many organizers that come in unique colors and will work well with your room. Adding some extra space off the side of your bed for things you might need can be game changing. Getting an organizer for a water bottle, phone chargers, and pens and pencils is a key move to continue to maximize your bed space.